An empowered workforce where mental wellness is valued.

Our Mission

To eliminate the barriers of seeking help by providing total mental healthcare support to employees. Here at MindNation, we're making technology work for your wellness.

Our Story

It all started when two friends - one an advocate who has actively lobbied for mental health law and another, a suicide survivor who's battling with Bipolar disorder - reconnected one evening and came up with the idea after feeling frustrated on how inaccessible and exclusive seeking mental health is for many Filipinos. They swore on that night to dedicate their life's work on making mental health support reachable for all. And the rest is history.

Our Approach

A needs - based assessment and implementation cycle that is right for your team
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What exactly is needed by my employees?

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How do I promote the importance of mental health in the workplace?

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How can I address my employees' mental health concerns?

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How can we be proactive and work towards a healthier workplace culture?

Our Team

Kana Takahashi
Founder, CEO

Vice Chair for External Affairs,
Youth for Mental Health Coalition

Salma Sakr
Chief Growth Officer

Building Happy, Healthy and Empowered organizations from 10 years global experience

Cat Triviño
Chief Marketing Officer

Mental Resilience, Advocate and Speaker, CORA Philippines

Piril Paker
Chief Insights and Analytics Officer

Mental Health Advocate and Consumer Voice in the Company

Daph Bajas
Head of Partnerships and Sales

Wellness, People and Culture Advocate

Miguel Darrow
Head of Technology

Making Your Life Easier as a Business Analyst and Quality Assurance

Dr. Ron del Castillo
Scientific Advisor

Stanford and
UCLA-backed Expert of Mental Health

Yves Zuniga
Scientific Advisor

1st to bring Mental Health NGO in the Philippines

Monique Ong

Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor and founder of TBI Spark NGO,
ex-Facebook; ex-P&G

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